whyhellovy asked:

There's a post going around about Jellyfish being a bad company when it came to the US concerts when in reality it was the american companies that were in the wrong, and it makes me upset that although Jellyfish isn't the best company, people are putting blame on them where it is not correct.

yes this is actually very important, because i went to the Dallas showcase last November and Jazzy Group (the organizer) was completely awful. It wasn’t Jellyfish’s fault (aside from choosing a terrible organizer), in fact, all the Jellyfish staff i ran into (which was a surprising amount) were all very nice and polite.

Jazzy’s staff on the other hand was pushy and rude and disorganized. people who were meant to have their bracelets to meet vixx left before they could get them and the translator was AWFUL jesus christ it was pretty bad

so get it straight kids, it was Jazzy’s fault, not Jellyfish’s. VIXX isn’t the only group to have been kind of fucked over by them.